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Dialysis or Kidney Transplant are no longer the only choice for kidney disease patients. Here, we created many latest kidney disease treatments on the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which bring new hope and confidence to renal disease patients.

Interventional TherapyInterventional Therapy

  • Interventional Therapy

    Interventional therapy is the latest treatment to deal with various types of chronic kidney disease. Because it breaks the limitations on kidney disease treatment, it is used more and more widely in clinic.
    This therapy uses micro catheter to insert into renal blood vessels with the guidance of image documentation equipment. Then, the therapeutic medicines can put in kidney lesions through micro catheter.

Seven refers to seven kinds of Chinese medicines treatmentsSeven refers to seven kinds of Chinese medicines treatments

  • Fumigation and Steaming Therapy

    Fumigation and Steaming Therapy

    The treatment's function is to expand the capillary vessels of the skin, so as to speed up the blood microcirculation. It utilizes the fumigation's heating effect and medicine's special effects, making the curative ingredients of medicines can permeate into the blood circulation of the body. In the condition, it can expand blood vessels, active blood and clear wastes and toxins in blood.

  • Medicated Bath or Full Bath Therapy

    Medicated Bath or Full Bath Therapy

    Full Bath with Chinese medicines is to decoct medicines that can discharge and blend them into medical soup, then let patients enter into the soup to bath fully in sufficient time. With the aid of warm gas in medicines, the therapy can promote flow of meridians and Qi as well as blood. In addition, it also can help the damaged kidneys filter extra wastes and toxins by increasing sweating and urine output.

  • Inunction Therapy

    Inunction Therapy

    Inunction Therapy with Chinese medicine is a great innovation of kidney disease treatments. It refers to such a treatment that crushing the Chinese medicines that can draw out toxin, smearing them on different body parts according to various diseases, and drawing out different toxins from blood tier with different medicines. One of the greatest strengths of treatments is to reduce the potential risk of oral medicines.

  • Moxibustion Therapy

    Moxibustion Therapy

    Acupuncture and Moxibustion are the leading of oldest Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments. It can adjust qi and blood in meridians, making flow of qi and blood smooth, harmonzing viscera and nourising and fixate defensive qi. In the way, body resistance can be restored. In addition, it also can improve the kidney's ischemia and anoxia.

  • Hot Compress Therapy

    Hot Compress Therapy

    We have rich experience in using this treatment. The treatment has two types: dry heat processing and wet heating processing. We adopt the wet heating processing because the type of treatment can give full play to its remarkable healing effects. Hot compress on bilateral Shenshu acupoints (BL23) is to micro-process medicinals that eliminate toxins and recover original qi, and apply them on Shenshu acupoints (BL23) externally. In such a way, the aim of cleansing toxin can be attained, with pathogenic toxin removed and original qi restored.

  • Foot Bath Therapy

    Foot Bath Therapy

    Foot Bath Therapy is the support therapy of "Four 'One'" Treatments. What's more, there are hundreds of dosages. According to your individualized illness condition, the doctor will elect the effective herbal medicines. Actually, foot bath plays an important part in Chinese medical treatment. As the old saying goes, it's no surprise to live one hundred years if drinking a cup water in the morning and soaking feet in the evening.

  • Enema Therapy

    Enema Therapy

    Enema Therapy is also a traditional Chinese medicine treatment. And it is a good way to discharge extra toxins from the body. The treatment is also called the rectal administration. On one hand, this therapy can stimulate the intestinal mucosa and increase the permeability of capillaries, and promote the metabolism of nitrogen flow out the body with intestinal secretions. On the other hand, enema therapy can accelerate food scraps discharge and inhibit the growth of intestinal bacteria also can slow the process of chronic kidney failure.

Four refers to "Four 'One'" Treatments

  • One bottle of Maikang Mixture

    One bottle of Maikang Mixture

    Maikang Mixture also known as Maikang Composition, it is a kind of unique medicines of our hospital. It can help yo reduce blood fat, anti-thrombosis, anti-aging, improve the blood rheology indexes, enhance immunity and regulate Qi and so on. It has used widely for the Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment for its remarkable curative effect.

  • One dosage of Oral Chinese Medicine

    One dosage of Oral Chinese Medicine

    The key functions of taking oral Chinese medicines is to invigorate blood and dissolve stasis. On the basis of the function, it also can treat various inflammation and toxic stasis. In addition, every formula of herbal medicines is different from person to person. After all, illness condition differs from case to case. The doctor will elect the best and effective formula according to your illness condition, so that you can get good therapeutic effect.

  • An External Application Chinese Medicine

    An External Application Chinese Medicine

    The external application treatment refers to Hot Compress Therapy. Applying the medicines on Shenshu acupont, it mainly eliminates toxins and recovers original Qi.

  • One basin of Foot Bath

    One basin of Foot Bath

    Foot Bath with Chinese herbal medicine is one of support treatment of our hospital. Before you fall asleep at night, using Foot Bath can help you improve blood circulation, thus stimulating original Qi in the kidney meridian.

Kidney Disease Treatment Method

You may have heard our natural Chinese medicine treatments, but you still know what they are. It's OK, here, you will see our treatments and its process by youself!

Before you receive our treatment, you will get a good understanding about your kidney disease from our professional doctors!

Before you receive our treatment,  you will get a good 
understanding about your kidney disease from our 
professional doctors!



Foot Bath

Foot Bath

Micro Chinese Medicine

Micro Chinese Medicine



Moxa Moxibustion

Moxa Moxibustion


Acupuncture Acupuncture



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