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here is a list of some frequent asked question.you may find the answers about the hospita,our services, and patients life here.

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It depends. Cases differ from person to person. On average, patients need 10,000 $ to 30,000$. As for you own case, you can talk with the experts online directly.

If the insurance company or your country can pay for some or all your medical bill, you can use it. In general, you will give your insurance information to us. We will bill your insurance company for the services you get.

Most patients stay here about 20 to 30 days for the treatment.

Do not worry. We can help you extend your or your families' visas.

kidney healthy web is located in No.5 Feiyi Road, Xinhua District, Hebei, which is next to Beijing.

Please only bring in items which you really need as space is very limited. Taking your current medicines, day clothes and shoes and a shaving kit is recommended.

Sure. You can go with anyone you would like to be with. We can also provide you with one at the most.

Yes. We provide two types of wards. The big ward cost 80$ each day, and the small one costs 50$ each day.

Before your visit, we provide free consultation service and pickup. During your stay, our services include translation, accompany, restaurant and laundry, etc.

Yes. There are some entertainments near the hospital. You or your friends and families can also go out for fun by taking a bus. Our translator can accompany with you if you need.